Hit – Dragon Ball Super legendary assassin of Universe 6

Hit Dragon Ball Super is a legendary assassin of Universe 6. He’s also known as ” Hitto ” in Japanese. He first appeared in Dragon Ball Super during the Tournament organized by Beerus and Champa.

He is the Strongest Person from the Team of Universe 6. He has some killer abilities and guess what he gave a tough competition to Goku during their battle on the finale of that Tournament

Before going into detail on Hit Dragon Ball Super Character, I would like you guys to know about this tournament which made Hit appear in the First Place

Hit Dragon Ball Super

Why Hit Dragon Ball Super Character fought Goku?

God of Destruction Champa from universe 6 who is the brother of God of Destruction Beerus from universe 7 manipulates Beerus to organize a Martial Arts Tournament between both the universes

So that the Winner gets the Prize, The Prize for Beerus if he wins was the Super Dragon balls which can grant any wish in the universe. The prize for Champa if he wins was Planet Earth.

Yes, Guys Champa intends to win against Beerus and get Planet Earth as the Prize so that he can enjoy all the delicious food made on the planet.

Lord Champa’s assistant Vados hire’s Hit. Champa promises Hit ” The Cube ” if he wins against universe 7. The cube is a God’s vehicle which lets anyone travel anywhere even past universes and multi-dimensions.

Dragon Ball Super HIT

Goku vs HIT Full Fight

In the tournament, Goku and HIT advance to finals and there occurs a fierce battle between both of them. Apparently, HIT is much stronger than our hero Goku

As I previously said Hit has some killer abilities like ” Time Skip ” & ” Time Jump “. These techniques are used literally to cheat time like ” skipping the Time ” or advancing the time without anyone noticing.

To defeat Hit, Goku undergoes some serious Power Increase and he forces himself to use Super Saiyan Blue + Kaioken 10x

Goku vs Hit

Hit Dragon Ball Super
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Skills


Hit - Dragon Ball Super is one of the Powerful Adversary of Goku from Universe 6

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