Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 English Subbed Preview, Trailer, Spoilers

Well, you might have watched the previous Dragon Bal Super Episode right? Not that much of action packed but it sure entertained us. Entire Episode was Gohan centric

We have predicted that there would be some part of the fun with Goku when he visits King Kai on the other world. But, Argh!! that proved wrong.

Here’s what going to happen in the Dragon Ball Super Episode 74

Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 Preview

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Sadly there were very fewer characters in the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super. I would be great if the maker had shed some light on the upcoming episode plans in the Episode.

There sure are something big cooking in the future episode. Read the article Completely for the Spoilers.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 Trailer Promo

Barry Karn who is the star the movie that is based on The Great Saiyaman is a mean fellow and he hates Gohan because he’s better at doing stunts in the movie

After watching the Promo the upcoming Episode of Dragon Ball Super is also going to be Gohan Centric. It’ll we be an extension to the current episode 73.

Episode 74 is titled as: “For Those He Loves! The Indomitable Great Saiyaman!!’

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Dragon Ball Super episodes

Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 Spoilers

The evil thing Watagash which escaped from the hands of Jaco reaches Earth and the abducts Pan in the upcoming episode. In the Preview, We’ll see that Jaco aiming an Evaporator gun at Gohan

Jaco thinks that the evil Watagash possesses Gohan, and intends to stop Gohan. So he starts attacking him from the weapons equipped in his Space Ship

Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 Subbed Preview

But actually what happens is that Watagash chose Barry Karn instead. Funny right! Watagash seeks evil in people and lures them to infect them.

Barry Karn with Watagash inside fights against Gohan who’s currently in The Great Saiyaman getup. But we all who will win right?

Unfortunately, We won’t be some serious action in the next episode too. But we get to watch some entertaining material from Gohan’s Action.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 English Subbed Preview
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Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 English Subbed Preview: Gohan Fights diabolical Evil Watagash. Jaco Attacks Gohan

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