Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 English Subbed Preview, Trailer, Spoilers

“Dragon Ball Super” is down with the last few minutes in the Tournament of Power. The fans are still shocked following the elimination of Gohan in the previous episode, which only leaves Frieza, Vegeta and Goku standing up against the remaining Pride Troopers of Universe 11.

According to the latest reports, the next one to go from the tournament will be Toppo, the team leader of Universe 11 fighters.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 is titled as “God Of Destruction Toppo Appears!! Pure Overwhelming Power!!”

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Dragon Ball Super episodes


Vegeta and Goku can’t even seem to land a hit on him. Jiren is crazy. Vegeta fighting Jiren alone seems out of question.

However, Jiren isn’t the only threat to Universe 7. In Dragon Ball Super episode 125, Toppo will finally start taking things seriously.

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A majority of DBS fans might not be able to recall, but Toppo is the elected descendant of Belmod, who is presently the God of Destruction for the Universe 11.

Similar to the Anime version, within the manga from Dragon Ball Super, Toppo brawled against Goku inside the exhibition battle. But, there is a huge disparity in the outcome of that battle among these two.

In the anime, Pride Trooper succeeded to overpower Super Saiyan Gokū pretty fast, Gokū’s Super Saiyan Blue makeover retained Toppo to stop on his trails.


Still, the recent spoilers hint that in spite of Toppo being named as the new Universe 11 God of Destruction, the remaining Saiyan warriors of Universe 7 can still beat him.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 Subbed

To note, the Episode 126 synopsis states that Vegeta will further increase his power level that it would even match the power of a God of Destruction. Of course, there is a chance that Goku will come to his aid in order to eliminate the remaining members of Universe 11 team completely.

Meanwhile, Comic Book reported that many viewers are not happy with Gohan’s sacrifice in the previous episode of “Dragon Ball Super.” To recall, Gohan sacrificed himself to save Frieza in their fight against Dyspo, believing that Frieza would have a better chance to defeat the other Universe 11 fighters than him.

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