Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 English Subbed Preview, Trailer, Spoilers

Episode 123 “Full power of mind and Body unleashed! Goku and Vegeta!”

The summary of this episode says “Only Universe 11 and 7, led by Son Goku are remaining in the tournament of power.As the final 7 Minutes are remaining before TOP ends.

As Jiren’s and Vegeta’s fight enters its final stage Vegeta uses all of his power to fight against Jiren of Universe 11, even after that extensive damage and efforts Jiren doesn’t lose. On the other hand, Vegeta is severely wounded and is now in trouble.”

The new title for episode 123 of next year in January 14th will blow your mind!

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Dragon Ball Super episodes


We are going into 2018 with the most-anticipated battle ever in the “Tournament of Power” as both Vegeta and Jiren will finally go toe-to-toe to start the new year.

So far, there have been so much intense fighting, disappeared universes, and we are about to see one of the greatest moments unveil. In this episode, I believe that it is hinting towards the rematch between Goku and Jiren.

So now we have the episode title, which is called “Full Body, Full Spirit, Full Power Released!” and off of that, we can speculate what this can potentially unfold. I do believe that this epic episode will be one of the greatest episodes of all time.

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We are going to witness some of the most spectacular fights ever and awesome power-boosts, so let’s get back to the episode title!

Now, the title should stay the same, which is confirmed by Terez (@Terez27) on Twitter and Sailor Spazz (@sailorspazz) did the translation of the title. Herms might do something with the title differently, but the title should be exactly the same, simply because of the title itself.

Now that is a title to look forward to heading into the new year, don’t you all agree?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 subbed


The anticipation for this episode that we will finally see should be the mastered version of “Ultra Instinct,” meaning either Goku or Vegeta should attain this ultimate form. That is my best bet for episode 123. Now, there are two questions we all need to know about this episode.

Will it be Goku who is going to unleash his full potential of Ultra Instinct?

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