Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 English Subbed Preview, Trailer, Spoilers

Before moving on to Dragon Ball Super Episode 115, Let’s discuss something about…. Episode 114 excelled in its portrayal of Kale and Caulifla. They’re supposed to be villains in the current arc, but the culmination of great emotional threads that began several episodes ago had me rooting for them to beat Goku.

While I wasn’t impressed with their rapidly increasing power at first, seeing their bond grow to such heights that it’s used to empower them both was fantastic, most notably Kale as she gains control of her once chaotic Green Saiyan form.

We haven’t seen a Saiyan bond quite like this before. Not only does it make for an impactful relationship, but it’s a nice expansion of the well-established Saiyan lore. Now there are more ways than simple anger and determination to control their incredible power.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 is titled as ” Goku vs Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue defeated?! ”

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Dragon Ball Super episodes


It’s a little bit late, but this week’s Shonen Jump magazine finally released spoilers for the month of November, and even going into the month of December.

As always thanks to Ken Xyro and Herms98 on Twitter for translating these spoilers for us. So, spoiler alert going forward in this article.

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So first episode 115 we all saw the preview and we already know the title, it goes as the following “Goku vs Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue defeated?!”,

however synopsis brings something new: Caulifla and Kale of U6, who were fighting Goku of U7, fused using the Potara earrings. The two now fight Goku as “Kefla”, and overwhelm him with tremendous power.

Each universe who saw the fusion happen begins to wonder if they, too, can resort to using potara themselves and lay down their strategies accordingly…


Universe 6’s Kale and Caulifla merge with Potara. Calling themselves “Kafla”, they start to go on a rampage. Though Goku becomes Super Saiyan Blue and counterattacks, Kafla’s fierce attack is intense.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 subbed

Goku reverts from Super Saiyan Blue to his regular state, but on closer inspection his eyes shine silver?! So we can gather Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue form won’t be enough to take on the fusion of Kale and Caulifla.

The surprising part is Goku’s Ultra Instinct form is coming back after only five episodes.I expected we wouldn’t see this form again for a long while, or towards the end of the tournament.


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