Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 English Subbed Preview, Trailer, Spoilers

Things are getting pretty intense in the Tournament of Power with only 23 minutes remaining. we saw Universe 6’s assassin Hit getting eliminated and knocked out of the ring by Universe 11’s mighty warrior Jiren.

Hit was one of the strongest warriors in the tournament of power, possibly No.3 strongest after Goku and Jiren but yet he still got eliminated.

Meanwhile, Vegeta from Universe 7 will continue to go all out against Universe 11’s second strongest fighter in Toppo, with the Pride Trooper not being an easy beat.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 is titled as ” Thrilled! Fighting Manic Saiyans Battle Again!! ”

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Dragon Ball Super episodes


Caulifla takes advantage of Goku’s situation and attacks him but it didn’t turn out very well for her. Goku is still weak from his battle against Jiren and needs time to recover.

While Caulifla has challenged him to a one-on-one fight, as their last battle was cut short by Kale’s rampage.

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Goku says that he will show the two Saiyan girls the Super Saiyan 3 form for the first time. Remember, when Goku first fought Caulifla he said that she has the potential to go even further than Super Saiyan 2 in this very tournament, with it looking as if one of the two will go that step further.

But finding herself at a disadvantage, she calls her protégé Kale over to fight with her! How will Goku handle these two tough Saiyan opponents?!”


He did recieve energy from Frieza, but even then I don’t see how Caulifla’s going to challenge Goku in anyway, shape, or form. Even though considering that she is well aware of his Super Saiyan Blue transformation alongside Ultra Instinct, in which she saw him fight Jiren with.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 subbed

Champa is going to teach them a new technique and as per spoilers, it happens to be fusion. But not the traditional ones know by Universe 7.

Some sources say i’ts a different type of fusion. let’s see what happens.

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