Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 English Subbed Preview, Trailer, Spoilers

In the previous episode, As confirmed Hit Got eliminated by the hands of Jiren. Since a couple of episodes, a term monster is being dedicated to Jiren.

I think it’s made justice to the term by eliminating Hit. Hit is supposedly as strong as Goku or somewhere in that neighborhood. Even Hit’s trump card is not enough for Jiren

I would say Jiren is a Trump Card Breaker. Anyway, Losing Hit is very disappointing. But I think he has a good role until the Universe 6’s end at the spectator’s seat.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 is titled as ” A Saiyan’s Vow! Vegeta’s Resolution!! ”

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Dragon Ball Super episodes


Coming to the next episode, the Universe 4 Moana is going to show her strength. But this episode will be like the Sniper Episode which we saw earlier.

There are not powerful but they end up having some eliminations as calamities. Same might happen to this Moana character. I really looking forward to Namek vs Namek battle between Piccola and Universe 6’s Nameks

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As per what going on Dragon Ball Super lately, Those Namek’s from Universe 6 are evil and not like Universe 7’s. Because Saiyan’s in Universe 6 is Good which is opposite to 7’s.

So this will repeat for Namek’s too. Coming to Vegeta’s Resolution part, I think there’s a good part of Vegeta – Cabba drama in this episode. Where Vegeta again motivates Cabba to grow stronger.

I like the shot where Vegeta kicks Cabba in his belly. Cabba will be having some eliminations in this episode. And the Vegeta saving Cabba might go like this.


Frieza hates Saiyan’s and he might take revenge about this on Universe 6’s Saiyan’s and Cabba is a good fit for that. He’s much stronger than all of universe 6’s opponents as of now.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 Subbed

I think he’ll hurt him badly and try to throw off him around. Where Vegeta’s comes to rescue and let him know how evil Frieza is and what happened with his planet

Due to Frieza’s wrath and so on. What do you guys think about this theory? Let’s watch and figure out the part.

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