Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 English Subbed Preview, Trailer, Spoilers

Episode 109 & 110 are a beast. Goku really rocked in episode 110, Ultra Instinct stuff is really awesome. But the most impressive thing in the entire episode is Whis saying about Jiren

He mentioned that Jiren is not even at this full form when Goku is at his peak level with Kaio Ken x 20. But, when Goku got the Ultra Instinct he hasn’t said anything about Jiren’s power compared to Goku’s at that time

But from the episode what I can say is that Jiren is seriously fighting against Goku in Ultra Instinct. Goku is powerful but still, he’s not matched with Jiren’s potential.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 is titled as ” The Surreal Supreme Battle! HIT vs Jiren!! ”

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Dragon Ball Super episodes


The best dialogue of previous 1 hour special is, Beerus saying ” He’s coming ” when Goku raises from the Spirit Bomb’s blast. That was really an awesome moment

The scene is very apt and it proves that Goku is not some random guy who screwed up and resulting in this tournament. He’s a tough competitor even for the powerful Jiren.

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In the end of the episode Goku’s Ultra Instinct’s temporary power gets depleted and at the same moment Hit comes to attack Jiren. Which is not a good thing for Hit.

But Hit competing with Jiren was expected since the tournament of power and it’ll be one of the best fights. As expected it’s happening in the episode 111, Hit vs Jiren

Coming to the promo, Jiren is going to injure Hit very badly and Hit tries to use time skip but it doesn’t work.


As we already know that Hit’s Time skip has been figured out by Dyspo of Universe 11. Then It easy for Jiren to overcome this because He’s strong as well as fast.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 subbed

In the promo, we can see that there’s a frame in which Jiren’s chest got punched by assassin’s hit used on Goku in the past by Hit. What will happen in the episode is that Hit tries to improvise while fighting with Jiren

But unfortunately, that doesn’t going to go well with Hit and he’s going to be eliminated in this episode as per spoilers of episode 112 but how is still unknown

Most probably by the hands of Jiren but there might a chance of disqualification because Hit commits that he’s planning an assassination on Jiren.

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